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Restraining Orders


A person who has been subject to family or intimate partner violence or is in fear of imminent, serious physical harm from another individual, including a family member, household member or current or former intimate partner, may obtain a restraining order from a court. Restraining orders can be granted in connection with a divorce proceeding or may relate to other family law conflicts. Courts can also award temporary custody of children in connection with a restraining order.

A restraining order is generally a civil action, but violation of a restraining order is generally a criminal matter. You should consult an attorney regarding obtaining or defending against restraining orders. In an emergency, contact your police department to obtain a restraining order at any time, including nights and weekends.

If you are a victim of violence, or if you have been unjustly or wrongfully accused of violence and are served with a restraining order, Attorney Pontisakos has the experience and expertise to assist you with obtaining a restraining order in the appropriate circumstances or to represent you in a hearing to defend against a restraining order. Restraining order and family violence cases present serious legal issues and are usually highly time sensitive. It is best to contact an attorney immediately if you need representation. 

We Are Here to Help with Restraining Orders

Attorney Demetra Pontisakos has over 30 years of experience in the areas of family law. She is licensed in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She can help you decide how best to handle an emergency or other situation requiring a restraining order, or advise on next steps to take if you are defending against one. Attorney Pontisakos is a Certified Parenting Coordinator and a Certified Family Law Arbitrator.

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