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Mediation in Family Law


Resolve Your Disputes out of Court

Disagreements on the major issues addressed by family law can be more effectively resolved through the efforts of a neutral third party than through costly, lengthy and divisive litigation. Here are some of the family law areas for which mediation may be applicable:

  • Divorce
  • What to do with the house
  • Alimony and child support
  • Parenting plans
  • Division of assets and debt allocation
  • Health insurance for a spouse or children
  • College expenses
  • Relocation or removal out of state with a minor child
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Resolution of contempt actions
  • Disputes among siblings about the care of elder parents

Why Choose Mediation?

  • Reduces stress and confrontation. Mediation allows divorcing or separating partners to gain closure without the stress of anger or confrontation. Divorce or separation becomes a problem to fix, not a contest between partners.
  • Reduces impact on children. Mediating leaves the relationship you have as parents intact, focusing on workable arrangements for the future rather than on the abilities of each person to be a parent.
  • Increases control. The outcome of family law mediation is more predictable than a solution imposed by a court.
  • Reduces time and expense. Litigation drains your family’s resources and drags the process out with months between court dates. Depending on the complexity of your marital estate, custody issues, child support and alimony issues, mediation can resolve matters in as few as four sessions.

Will Mediation Work for You?

To be most effective, mediation requires that you have the ability to prepare in advance and the willingness to share information, compromise and make an effort to set aside emotions. Attorney Demetra Pontisakos can help you decide if mediation will help you to resolve your family law dispute and can serve as a mediator or arbitrator. Our office on Route One in Topsfield provides comfortable meeting space with plenty of free parking.

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