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Parenting Plans (Custody and Visitation)


What Is a Parenting Plan?

Cases involving your children, whether divorce, paternity, guardianship or other related family law actions, often center around concerns about the time children spend with parents, each other or extended family. Rather than custody, many jurisdictions use terms such as “primary” or “shared residence.” In addition to establishing residence for a child, there is usually a need to establish a parenting schedule, which can vary tremendously depending on the best interests of children. Previously called “visitation,” it is more common now to talk about a “parenting plan” and “parenting time”.

What Happens If a Child Is Removed or Relocated?

One of the most difficult issues clients may face is one in which a parent seeks to move away with the children. Moving away or relocating (removal) may have significant impact on the children, their parents and extended family. These cases often involve the appointment of a Guardian ad litem.

Attorney Pontisakos has experience with removal and relocation matters in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She has represented parents seeking to relocate as well as parents challenging the relocation of a child.  These cases are very fact-specific and require a careful case-by-case analysis.

Consult with Attorney Pontisakos prior to making the decision to relocate with your children.

Guardianship of Minors

Guardianship of a Minor refers to the allocation of parental responsibilities to a third-party adult who is not the parent of the child. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents and family friends commonly petition the courts to obtain guardianship of a child. Guardians are appointed by the court when parents are incapacitated, unfit or otherwise unavailable to care for a child. The Guardianship process may be uncontested, where the parents agree to the guardianship, or it may be contested, in which case the parties must submit their positions and their evidence to the Court for a determination.

Attorney Pontisakos handles Guardianship matters in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We Are Here to Help with Parenting Plans

Attorney Demetra Pontisakos has over 30 years of experience in the areas of divorce, separation and parenting plans. She is licensed to practice law in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She can help you decide how best to negotiate a parenting plan and can serve as a mediator or litigator. Attorney Pontisakos is a Certified Parenting Coordinator and a Certified Family Law Arbitrator.

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