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Five stars says it all.

In my experience, Demetra serves her clients extremely well. She truly knows family law and the contracts/agreements that come with it. She gave me all of the advice I needed to make the best decision for me and my children (adopted). Throughout the time I worked with her, I always felt that Demetra presented all options to me honestly and objectively. When I decided to go with the long shot, Demetra was very frank with me that the likelihood of the outcome I wanted was slim. But Demetra gave it her all, even when opposing counsel submitted her response at the last possible minute. Thanks to Demetra’s work ethic and commitment to her clients (me in this case), we prevailed. Demetra, I can’t thank you enough and will always be ready to share my experience with you with other potential clients.” — Kathy


Experienced, professional, realistic, compassionate.

Divorce is emotionally and financially trying time. Selecting the best attorney is a challenging first step in the long legal process. A friend told me that Ms Pontisakos not only won her divorce case but also became her dear friend. My experience was similar. Demetra researched my case thoroughly. Her recommendations were solid and realistic. She was thorough and paid attention to every detail. She was also compassionate and understanding. She made me feel that she cared for my well being and took personal interest in my case. I am eternally grateful to her for guiding me through this ordeal. I was totally satisfied with the resolution and the settlement. If you choose Ms Pontisakos to represent you in a divorce case, you will be in the best possible hands.” — Martina


The best family attorney you will find.

Demetra Pontisakos is an outstanding family attorney. I had been in a litigation battle with my daughter´s father since 2010 but after hiring Demetra obtained all the rights and benefits of sole legal custody as well as more time with my daughter. I had gone through 3 previous attorneys and have some hard earned knowledge on what makes an effective family attorney. Demetra’ s communication is superb, she will NEVER leave you guessing what the status your case is. She sends you copies of all documentation and lets you know immediately of any updates. She is honest and will never misguide you or make false promises. Demetra will be the strongest possible advocate for your case and will give it her complete focus during trial. Her paperwork is clean, professional and well prepared….Donna Allen, her paralegal, is fantastic. Polite and professional, Donna follows up quickly, is easy to work with and as efficient as Demetra. I would hire Demetra without hesitation in the future if I need a family attorney again.” — Pilar


“Really really good as a negotiator/peace maker and as a trial attorney.

I have consulted many times with Demetra for her counsel and experience. Demetra has that rare ability to be really good as a negotiator/peace maker and as a trial attorney. She is not one to “throw gasoline on the embers”. She feels no compulsion to play “mind games” while always being fully aware of all the “mind games” that exist. In court, she is direct and to the point. I have noticed the subtle, but present, attention (and respect) judges show her when she speaks.” — Anthony


“Integrity and sense of fairness.

I first met Demetra when she was an attorney for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. When our paths crossed, I knew I would be dealing with someone who would be fair, would know the law inside and out, and would honor her word. Her integrity and sense of fairness have never wavered. When she went into private practice, she became my “go to” person when I needed answers to complex child support, custody, or other domestic relations matters. I have seen her advocate zealously for her clients but never cross the line of professionalism. I have referred clients to her and would do so again without hesitation. She is articulate, intelligent, and compassionate, and I am honored to have worked with her and to know her as a good friend.” — Elizabeth

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